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Quotes Hi Alicia, I just wanted to give you an update about Sophie 3 years later. I've attached a photo of her that was featured in the Vail Daily in July of this year. We spent the summer in Colorado, and she's a great hiker! We are now back in Tucson and she had her wellness check today. The vet had an apprentice, and he told her, "this is a perfect example of a chihuahua". He asked me if she had championship bloodlines. I replied that her father Frankie is a champion. Her teeth, joints, weight, got a clean bill of health. I am so happy that I have her. She's the joy of my life! CM Quotes

Quotes This boy is simply a joy to live with. Intelligent. Loves to learn tricks: heels, automatic sit, free stay, come on command, rolls over, brings a ball and "gives" it and "takes" it, patticakes, shakes hands, crawls, dances, leaps in air, does spins both ways. There is more but you get the picture. Can shoot 60 basketball goals in a row without a miss. Understands where to go when pointing finger in a certain direction. Walks/runs with me 3 to 4 miles every morning. Gets along with other house dogs. Never soils or marks. Loves having his teeth brushed. Loves to have a massage. Loves to be held and hugged. Sleeps in bed with us. He was beautifully socialized before we got him at 8 weeks. We are very much in love with this special boy. Quotes

Quotes My little female, sprite is about to turn three years old. She is super-loving and very well socialized. She is in perfect health. We all just love her to death and it comes back ten fold. What a joy she is in our lives. Quotes

Quotes We have always loved puppies, who doesn't right? I have to say, we could not be any happier with the little guy we got from Li'l Promised Land! He is the sweetest, most adorable, most loving dog I have ever known. When we take him to the vet, they all go crazy over how healthy he is and how sweet his temperament is! Actually, the vet took our pup into another room so another vet could meet him...while performing surgery! Honestly, he is one of a kind quality, and we could not be more thankful! When we decide to get another puppy, we will never go to anyone else! He's adjusted to our home perfectly, and he loves all of us so much. Thank you so much, Li'l Promised land for not only being amazingly kind people who wanted us to find the best puppy for our home, but for delivering on that promise!! Quotes
AD Colorado

Quotes 4/1/10 "thought I would let you know, our vet was especially impressed with Trigger's health and stable build for an 8 week puppy. She said that she RARELY sees such healthy puppies. He has good eyes, good teeth, his bite is a tish off but she thinks it will move into place, and his patellas are great so far! He has already learned to sit, and generally uses the potty pad. He is very excited about life and is doing well in his crate, only whining for the first 5ish minutes he is put in there for sleeping, and waking me up once at around 4 to be let out to far NO CRATE ACCIDENTS, and he is only 8 weeks old! Wow! Thanks so much for our wonderful little fellow...we love him a ton already" Quotes

Quotes 11/30/09 I purchased a puppy last week from this breeder and have been exceptionally pleased. Even though the puppy I got was slightly older, she bonded quickly with me and is full of life and kisses. Even though she's almost 5 months...Oakley, the puppy I got, is still SO if you buy an older puppy, trust me, it will still be itty bitty! You won't at all feel like you are buying an adult. The puppies they breed seem very well adjusted and the momma and grandma dogs are on site so you get to see a few generations of what your puppy has going for him or her. I think that getting a dog from good people is as important if not more important than simply just getting a good dog. The little farm is a great place for puppies to learn to run and play before coming home to you. If I get another CHI in the future, I will wait until Li'l Promised Land has a pup I'd like again. Quotes

Quotes 1/25/2006 I definitely would let anyone know that is considering you as a breeder that you were the best to work with. You cared for the puppies just like they were one of your children! The care package they came with was just another way that you showed that you are in this strictly for having happy, healthy puppies that go to good homes. You were the only breeder that I contracted that actually interviewed me! You wanted to make sure that your "babies" went to the best home possible. My Sofie is the healthiest dog imaginable. At every check-up I am so glad that I chose her, and you, because she is such a loving, well tempered dog that does not have any of the health issues that plague some dogs. I think that has everything to do with the breeder, the parents, and the environment she was in her early weeks. I couldn't have asked for a better situation. Thank you! Quotes
JM from Colorado

Quotes 11/18/2010 "Hi Alicia, just a quick update on LPL Ouachitah Shakin My Money Maker who we lovingly call Filbert. He is doing great and has made a name for himself in the show ring. Filbert needs two majors to finish his Championship! He currently has 10 points! He is a very active guy and demands the judges attention in the ring. He has exceptional movement that catches every ones eye. We look forward to keeping some of his offspring in the future. But for now we will keep showing him to his Championship! We will keep you posted on his progress. Thank you for the opportunity of owing this great little ball of fire!!" Quotes
Michelle Short
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Quotes Hi Alicia! Just wanted you to know that Sophie is doing great! She is the best little pup! Potty training was a breeze and no health concerns at all! Her temperament is awesome and she is so well adjusted. She has already done so much traveling in the past 8 months. Your puppies are raised very well, in a very loving and nurturing environment. I couldn't have asked for a better chihuahua. Thanks again, Quotes
CM Arizona

Quotes My husband and I came across Lil Promised Land during our search for a companion-pup and we are so happy we did. Maximus was about 5 months old already when we brought him home, but still so small and puppy-like. Potty-training was still needed, but he was already very good about using his potty pad. Most notably, this little fellow is so quiet that it was almost two weeks before we even heard him bark the first time, and although he has been developing quite the variety of strange sounds and noises to communicate with, he still barely ever barks -- he even seems to take offense to the other dogs in our neighborhood who bark and howl their heads off several times per day. In short, we are so happy with our little fellow, and right now we are just waiting for our next little puppy (also from Lil Promised Land) to reach 8 weeks so we can bring her home. Thank you again Alicia, for the wonderful way you breed and raise your dogs. Quotes
GRM in Colorado