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AKC Chihuahuas

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Quotes Tessa has got to be the best little girl. She loves kids and enjoys being around people; I take her just about everywhere. You have got to have some of the best bloodlines, because she is so good the vet can't get over how nice she is. She does not bark unless the other big dogs bark. She is my constant companion. She enjoys her carrier and has gone on the plane to Boise last year. I could not get over how quiet she was--not a peep. We just had a new granddaughter, and she was great around the baby. You have real nice puppies. If I could, I would get another from you. We just love her. She enjoys everyone, and really enjoys the kids. Very good Chihuahua we really enjoy her, house broke very fast, very smart. She is so much apart of our family. Quotes

Quotes 6/30/11 Hi Alicia, We love our little Stuart. He is such a sweet, fun puppy and a wonderful addition to our family. You obviously did a great job of socializing him. 8/12/11 I just returned from the vets. Stuart weighs 5-1/2 lbs. and his bite is great. Guess he comes from good stock! All that and a great personality too. He is a great little friend. We love him. Thank you so much. Quotes

Quotes 4/21/10 "I wanted to send some pictures of Tink to show you how she has grown. We are absolutely enjoying her! She is so loving and loves to play. She is a wonderful puppy!" Quotes

Quotes We have had Chihuahuas all my life and I would have to say Darlita has the most wonderful personality of any dog we've ever had. Besides loving and cheering up her family and some of our close friends Darlita's biggest job is visiting at nursing homes once a month. We visit five different area nursing homes as a family and sing hymns and share a bit of Scripture with the residents. While we are singing Darlita sleeps quietly in her kennel, but when we are done she comes out to visit. She seems to know what kind of attention to give each person. Whether she just folds down her ears and wags her tail, or gives an enthusiastic body wag, or licks some fingers or even opens her mouth for a great big yawn, she brings a bright spot in the lives of everyone she greets. She cheerfully lets gnarled fingers pet, rub, push and pull on her and continues to act like that person is the most important in the world at the moment. Darlita may be a small package but there is a lot of love and enth Quotes