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Puppies For Sale

Q. Do you have puppies available?
A. Read below and also the Deposits page to understand why we don't have a simple answer to that question.

We breed for ourselves and look for our next show prospects from each litter.  We evaluate our puppies at around 8-12 weeks of age, and some will be kept for additional time, for further evaluation.  If there are any puppies we decide not to keep, they will first be offered to those who have already submitted a deposit.  We do not place and reserve puppies the way many breeders do.  Please read about our sales process and deposit policy and status (how many future puppies have already been reserved) on the  Deposits page.

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Available Puppies
Available Adults/Older Puppies
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Cream & white girl, most likely smooth coat 

DOB: July 31st, 2020

Frankie x Crystal


Sneak preview of two boys born 8/8/2020

More details to come..

LC girl and SC boy white w/fawn spots were born August 26th.  You can see them in action here:
Please note:  Our average size puppy grows up to be 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 pounds.  If you are looking for a puppy smaller than 4-1/4 pounds, I encourage you to continue your search for another breeder. Our goal is to produce puppies in the above size range and our bloodlines have not been producing any smaller than 4-1/4 pounds. Please read about "teacup" Chihuahuas on our Why Purchase From Us? page.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies, please submit a Puppy Application and read our sales process and  Deposits policy.

Watch puppy videos on our YouTube Channel


Available puppies born in August will begin going to new homes around October/September.

Available puppies are first offered to those who have already submitted deposits. If we get to the bottom of our deposit list and have not found a good match  (some people are waiting for something specific such as a smooth coat male, long coat female, etc.), they will be offered to others.


Red fawn smooth coat boy:
Linus is a 3 year old retiring AKC Champion who has produced several very nice puppies for us. You can see more photos of him on our Show News page.  We are ready to add new bloodlines and have decided to let him go to a new home. He is around 5-1/4 pounds, likes to travel and has good manners.  He is on the quiet side and tends to stay to the back of the "pack".  He is on the submissive side with people, gets along well with our crew and is young and playful.  He is potty trained and crate trained. He has been OFA health tested normal for patellas and heart and also CERF tested for normal eyes. He will be available late October, but can be reserved now.  $1500

When retiring adults, we consider each home and look for a good match for the individual dog.  Please let me know if you would like more information.
If you are interested in a future puppy or adult, please submit a Puppy Application, if you have not already done so. 
We limit the number of Chihuahua family members we keep, so we can continue offering a high level of care, to each one.  From time to time, we may offer an adult or older puppy to a special pet home.
Since we only have a few dogs, it's rare for us to have one to offer.  Our adults make good pets, since they are raised as pets in our home and don't live in a kennel environment. They have freedom to run around our home, can come and go through a doggie door to play outside, enjoy lots of time with our family hanging out and are pretty good at pottying outside, as that's where we train all our dogs to potty. 

Please note that we take our time in finding a perfect home for our special older dogs.  We do not necessarily sell them to the first person we hear from.  We like to get to know multiple people and then select the home we feel suits them best. 

Prices for an older dog are variable.  If you are interested, plan on them being at least the same as our pet price (see below for current prices) but some might be higher or lower, depending on the individual dog.

Pricing & policies

Puppies we decide not to keep are sold as pets with LIMITED AKC registration and a Spay/Neuter Agreement.  If there is a show prospect available, we will consider offering Full AKC to experienced show exhibitors or those serious about becoming one.  We put a lot of thought into this decision and are not hasty about offering it.  We will not offer breeding rights simply because someone asks for them, even if you are willing to pay the higher price.  If you are interested in Full AKC, please contact us and tell us about your goals, showing history and setup (how do your dogs live?). Please include your website if you have one and references from other exhibitors.

Prices vary and are subject to change.  Current pet price $1500.

Read about Deposits here.

Shipping: We do not ship pet puppies.  However, you are welcome to drive/fly here to come meet him/her and personally bring a puppy home.